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about easse

about easse

Who are we?

The European Association of single-sex Education (EASSE), is a non-profit organization headquartered in London that brings together people and educational institutions of more than 16 European countries interested in the development and promotion of single-sex education, a style of school organization that is present in nearly every country in the world. 

Currently, EASSE  has 152 schools associated in different countries of the EU with more than 100,000 students schooled.

What do we do?

- Studies and scientific research on single-sex education.

The implementation of projects and programmes aimed at promoting the knowledge and the dissemination among the agents of the educational community  of the principles of single-sex education and effective equality between men and women.

Creation of networks or meetings for the exchange of educational experiences on education.

Organizacion of events and publications related to knowledge exchange and dissemination regarding  single-sex education.

Legal advice and promotion of the rights and interests of schools with systems of single-sex  education,  and families who have chosen or want to implement the differentiated model  in their schools.