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The same opportunities for boys and girls

The same opportunities for boys and girls

Single-sex education is a pedagogical model that is based on the equality of children. It lets us customize education by adapting it to the learning styles of boys or girls. Single- sex  education allows  real equality of opportunities for the students, without limiting their capabilities or imposing conditions on the options for their. 

Single- sex education as an educational model is being implanted all over the world but especially in advanced countries. This model of school organization is an option within the educational system with strengths and benefits that enrich the range of educational possibilities in a given society.

It is an option that can be adapted to all kinds of environments and educational needs: single-sex schools, classes differentiated by sex in mixed schools, an option in certain sections of the educational process or for specific subjects. This model of school organization offers both sexes  equal educational opportunities. In separate centers both sexes can benefit from a common curriculum, similar school facilities and qualified teaching staff trained to transmit knowledge tailored to the needs of boys or girls.