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Improvement of the school environment

Improvement of the school environment

Single-sex  education offers students a learning environment free of social pressures, stereotypes and conventionalism, in which both sexes can explore their strengths without social pressure and address  academic areas in a more uninhibited way.

This model of school organization creates an academic environment, which is more relaxed hence more enjoyable, and formative.


Single-sex environments defy the culture of gender that often surrounds the subjects of co-educational schools: in a girls school, for example, there are no subjects "for boys", and  girls can experiment with subjects traditionally considered " for boys" with more freedom, realize  that they are able to and gain in self-esteem and academic excellence. In addition, girls can learn in an alternative climate that diminishes the social and media obsession with stereotypes of femininity and corporal perfection.


In single-sex  schools,  boys learn in an environment that filters many of anti-academic attitudes of masculinity. They can study in a safe and motivating atmosphere that allows them to enjoy, demonstrate and combine sporting  and academic success. Boys benefit in a special way from the range of positive masculine role models  that male teachers provide. They learn in an environment that minimizes undesired effects of sexual polarization, helps them discover and develop their personality and stimulates them to examine their future with a broader vision.