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Towards academic excellence

Towards academic excellence

Single-sex education  not only helps reduce school failure, but it also improves the academic performance of students. Consistent good academic results are one of the reasons why families choose  single-sex education.

England is one of the countries with greatest tradition in single-sex education schools. In 2012, the 10 best schools in the country were 4 boy’s schools and 4 girl’s schools and 2 co-educational schools

In 2012, a study by the National Foundation for Educational Research about 3000 High Schools of England and 370,000 students, pointed out that the academic performance of girls and boys from single sex State schools  were significantly better than in the co-educational schools. It is no coincidence, therefore that the Office for standards in Education  recommends  the separation by gender  in schools to avoid large educational gap between boys and girls.

If we take into account the results published by  The Telegraph, Great Britan’s number 1 on line newspaper, single-sex schools  get much better results  in High School than co-educational schools.

Something similar happens in Canada, where more than half of the 20 schools with high academic results are all girl or all boy schools.

In 2001 in Australia ,the Australian Council for Educational Reserch, reached similar conclusions In a study  involving 370,000 students. According to this independent organization, students educated in single-sex classrooms obtained academic results between 15% and 22% better that those who went to mixed schools.


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