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Enriches the educational options

Enriches the educational options

Single-sex  education is a school choice at present and with a great future. Currently, many Western countries recognize the contribution that the single-sex  education can make to solve complicated problems in the Western educational systems, and legally enable the creation of single-sex education  schools.

Some of the more advanced countries of the world such as Germany, United States or Denmark, even offer classes differentiated within the public school, enriching the range of educational possibilities of society. In addition, there is extensive academic literature, coming mostly from English speaking countries, on the enriching effects of single-sex education as an option in a co-educational school. .

Worldwide, single-sex education has been considered  a legitimate educational option for decades, deserving of University academic research.

The European Commissioner for Education and Culture, the Slovak Jan Fidel, was openly positioned on single-sex education.

Europe is large enough to accommodate all the educational models. We are not against single-sex education and not impose a model by which we do not want to establish a single system.”

Interview with Ján Figel published by the newspaper La Razon on May 18, 2009