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United Kingdom

Single-sex education (5)

United Kingdom has 1902 schools for boys and girls: 419 state schools (schools that receive public funding, whether or not public ownership) and 676 independent schools. The reasons in favour of the maintenance of this modality of education are noted in the scores of the General Certificate of Secundary Schools.  


England is one of the countries with greatest tradition in single-sex education schools. In 2012, the 10 best schools in the country were  four " for boys",  four " for girls" and two coeducational.

In 2012, a study by the National Foundation for Educational Research about 3,000 High Schools of England and 370,000 students, pointed out that the academic performance of girls and boys from single-sex State schools was significantly better than the ones from coeducational schools.

In this way, it is no coincidence that  the- Office for standards in Education - Organ Advisory official of the United Kingdom recommended the separation by gender in schools to avoid large educational differentials between boys and girls.

If we take into account the results that has made known the Telegraph,  the most  sold rotary in Great Britain, single-sex schools  get much better results  in High School than mixed schools.

The publication of this information in the United Kingdom allows a comparative of interest; 2012 data points out that seven of the top ten schools  in  High School  tests in United Kingdom are schools of single-sex education. And among the 50 centers with better grades in these tests , 35 are single-sex schools. 


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