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Overcoming stereotypes

Overcoming stereotypes

Single-sex education is shown effective for personal freedom in the assumption of roles considered to be typical of the other sex, minimizes stereotypes and opens the door to the choice of subjects considered to be of "girls" or "boys" with less social pressures.

A common issue that occurs in European classrooms is the presence of a 'culture' for boys and another for  girls.  Both genders  tend to adopt a few roles and rules implicit that identify them with their sex group, creating  little academic performance styles with the baggage of stereotypes sexist that brought in from outside the school.

In a single-sex  school, if it is well managed,  many ways to be a man or woman are allowed.


Single-sex  education offers students an  environment free from social pressures. Girls can experiment more freely the subjects traditionally considered '' for boys” realize that they are capable and gain self-esteem and academic excellence. They can learn in an environment that minimizes the undesirable effects of gender stereotypes and gives them the freedom they need to develop their personality  and enables them to expand the professional preferences of young women.

In a  girls school  female teachers constitute a female role model of excellence in all fields including, of course, technology, maths and  sports competition. Also the best students in all academic areas will be girls and therefore appropriate to serve as a model to the rest.


Boys learn in an environment that filters many of anti-academic attitudes of masculinity.

In a single-sex boys  school the teacher can adapt more easily  the educational needs of their students and create an environment with a more formative and academic atmosphere.

The American sociologist Cornelius Riordan reaches a similar conclusion: "the first aspect to consider a  single-sex  school is the fact that provides to the girls and boys the best models of personal success for each sex. Single-sex schools can be especially beneficial for girls, since the best students in all academic areas will be girls and therefore appropriate to serve as a model. In addition teachers  in female schools tends to be female. Something similar can be said about  male  schools,  legitimizing be good student in spite of being a man"


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