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A bit of history

Differentiated personalized education

In 2001 there was a gathering of differentiated personalized education schools with the aim of disseminating this pedagogical option and highlighting the positive things it bring. As part of this meeting, it was decided to create EASSE.

For a long time, our model was identified with differentiated education. Gradually, it became clear that this name did not reflect the full reality of our schools. For this reason, we once again spoke of personalized education, a principle that has driven the creation of schools and defined our model from the beginning.

We noticed that many schools offer personalized education and have educational projects similar to ours based on the dignity of the person and the full development of each student.

We are distinguished by the fact that, in our personalized attention, we take into account one of the features that are part of the essential dignity of each person: being a male or female.

This perspective, which assumes differences between males and females, is increasingly prominent in the field of education. For these reasons, we believe that differentiated personalized education is the most appropriate name for our educational model.