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EASSE holds its Third Annual Conference in Brussels

More than 15 countries participated in the gathering

The topics addressed in the presentations and workshops during the Third EASSE Annual Conference were leadership, educational marketing, innovation and learning and talent management in managers and teachers.

Janet Dean, a member of the EASSE Board of Directors and Principal of Rosemont School, Dublin, coordinated the panel of experts, in which educators from ten countries shared projects and initiatives undertaken in each of the educational settings.

In turn, the Director of Communication of Institución Familiar de Educación Alberto Cortés gave a lecture to the more than 70 attendees on communication and marketing in schools, and the Director of Interaxion Group Luis Blázquez outlined some keys to educating young people in the use of digital tools.

This has been a wonderful opportunity to share initiatives and experiences aimed at continuing to work on behalf of differentiated education in Europe.

EASSE held its Third Annual Conference in Brussels on September 28-29 with the participation of educational institutions from Croatia, Chile, France, Ireland, Czechoslovakia and Poland, among others.

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Seventh European Day

November 17 and 18, 2022



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