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EASSE participates in ICGS Global Forum on Girls’ Education

The city of Boston hosted the Third Global Forum organized by the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools (ICGS) on June 23-29

The city of Boston hosted on June 23-29 the Third Global Forum organized by the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools (ICGS). This annual meeting, which has been held since 2015, aims to share initiatives and compare different visions and experiences from some of the most prominent experts in the world of female differentiated education.

In this year’s edition, more than 200 teachers, managers and experts have participated over the course of five days in workshops, workshops and conferences that have addressed the role of girls/young women “as social activists,” “political leaders,” “entrepreneurs,” and “artists and creators” under the framework of differentiated education.

The following attended on behalf of EASSE:
– Gemma Arasanz (Executive Director of EASSE)
– Gloria Gratacós (Research Director)
– Judith Monés (principal of La Vall School)
– María Roca (teacher at La Vall school)
– Nuria Tapias (research team member GARC)

In addition, the following have participated as speakers and panelists:
-Janet Dean (member of the Board of Directors of EASSE and Principal of Rosemont School in Dublin)- Doing Good and Feeling Good: The Role of Volunteering/Service Learning in Reversing Teenage Isolation
– Bea Rey and Raquel Arévalo (La Vall school teachers) – Art in the School: Making the Invisible Visible

The meeting, which was organized in different lectures, panels and round tables, was a prime opportunity to discover new ideas and strengthen projects and initiatives.




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