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SIXTH EASSE European Day (Online)

Keynote Speakers

Charo Sádaba - Youth's aspirations and struggles: identity,relationships and work in the digital society.
Dr. Charo Sádaba is Associate Professor and Dean at School of Communication, University of Navarra. Researcher at the Youth in Transition research group, ICS, University of Navarra
Ana Moreno -Personalization
Ana Moreno holds a degree in Computer Engineering. She currently combines the preparation of her thesis in Educational Sciences with the position of Director of the Educational Studies Center "Impuls Educació"
Alfonso Aguiló -Advancing the understanding of equality
Aguiló is the president of the Spanish Confederation of Schools (CECE) which main purpose is to contribute to the modernization of an education system. Currently he also serves as president of Arenales Foundation, promoting entity of a new group of schools in Spain and other countries.
Kristján Kristjánsson -Character Education
Kristján Kristjánsson is Professor and Deputy Director of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. His research orientation inspired philosophical scrutiny of theories in educational psychology and values education, with special emphasis on the notions of character and virtuous emotions.



Seventh European Day

November 17 and 18, 2022



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